Looking At The Major VoiP Service Providers

Voice on Internet Phone (VoiP) is a technology that provides all the positive benefits of phone service via the Internet as opposed to the more traditional lines. This can offer a variety of benefits for consumers in addition to offering some businesses additional benefits such as ease of scaling, being able to set up proper connected work stations, and more. While VoiP might not be the perfect solution for everyone, there are many instances where one of the following three companies will be able to provide for all your phone needs and more.


MagicJack is one of the major VoiP service providers in the market. MagicJack is most well known from its commercials showing the MagicJack being added to a home with strong Internet and then suddenly phones are working. The extremely low prices are the other detail that have caught on. For $35 a year, you can have fully functioning phones without needing an account with a phone company.

This is an interesting set up that isn’t designed for business or industry but takes a look at a house with one cell phone or one landline and works to give them a much less expensive option when it comes to getting crystal clear phone calls from one account.


Referred to by famed PC World magazine as the best landline replacement system out there, Ooma has frequently been named the best VoiP option for small businesses. Ooma has built a reputation and taking the VoiP world a step above and beyond from where MagicJack started and they have even begun to provide proper replacement for free mobile calling.

Ooma has been one of the largest names in this industry for five years running, and there’s no sign that a drop in quality or standing is going to take place any time soon. If you are looking at VoiP as a possibility for your home or small business, Ooma is a good way to go.


Vongage is arguably the best known of all the major providers. Vonage has been advertising commercially for well over a decade now, and they are extremely different from the other top providers because they don’t just focus on one group like home phones or small businesses. Vonage has gone out of the way to show that they have positioned themselves as a solution for individuals, small businesses, as well as large companies with 50+ employees.

Whatever your specific needs, there is a Vonage package that is designed to take care of them. From one phone line to an entire business, you are all set to go.

As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to looking at the VoiP programs that combine to make up the majority of market share. Whatever your specific needs, you should have no problem finding at least one company who can meet every single one of those needs and then some. VoiP isn’t a sci-fi idea, it’s a great tool here and in the now.

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Reasons To Switch To VoIP Services

Making the decision to move your phone service over to a VoIP solution can be a difficult one to make. This is especially true if you are not confident in the technology and/or you are misinformed. The truth is, there is no reason to be afraid of this kind of switch and it is something that you should really consider doing as soon as possible. In this article, we will be going over some of the primary reasons to switch to VoIP services.

Reasons To Switch To VoIP:

1. Save Money.

The main reason you are going to want to switch from a traditional phone service/system to a VoIP solution is because it will actually allow you to save a good amount of money. Because a VoIP solution is so affordable and because the technology itself costs less to implement, you should be able to experience a good amount of cost savings as a result of it. This is obviously going to be a huge benefit for both consumers and for businesses.

2. More Convenience.

Another benefit that you are going to be able to get and enjoy from switching to a VoIP service is the ability to have a much more convenient option. Because you will be able to utilize features that you likely didn’t even know existed with traditional phone services such as call routing, email, visual voicemail, call reporting, and more. All of these features are going to be available to you and they might actually enhance and better your entire experience as a result.

3. More Flexibility.

Another benefit that you are going to get when you switch to a VoIP solution is much greater flexibility. By having this flexibility, you should be able to really maximize the usage that you actually get out of your telecommunications. Not only will you be able to take the VoIP solution with you when you are traveling, but you should be able to stop using it and stop paying for it when you do not need it anymore rather than having to pay for something that you aren’t even going to use.

4. Easier To Scale.

Another huge benefit that you are going to get from using this kind of technology especially in business is the ability to have a much easier to scale technology. Because you will be able to use it with existing technology that you already have in place, you should be able to scale it not only easier but at a much more affordable rate.

5. More Reliability.

Another benefit that you will get from this kind of technology is much greater reliability. Because this technology is built to utilize high speed Internet functionality, it is going to be a much more reliable solution for both consumers and businesses.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to decrease costs and really maximize functionality from your telephone service, there is no better option on the market than a VoIP solution.

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